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Isn’t it time you put a stop to your family’s pet allergies?

Bio-Life’s natural oils, sprays and cleanses are proven to knock out the dust mites and allergens that can make home life such a misery. Unlike other treatments, we deal with the causes of allergies, not the symptoms.

That means our products clean the air, bedding, home furnishings – and even your pet! – to neutralise those very things that start the watery eyes, the sneezing, the coughing that causes your distress.

And using our products could not be easier. You wash your bedding and clothes in Fabric Cleanse. You spray your rugs, cushions and curtains with Home Cleanse. You wipe your dog, cat or rabbit down with Petal Cleanse then rub it off. You spray high in your rooms with Air Cleanse. And you wave goodbye to your sore eyes!

Bio-Life is more than just Allergy UK-approved products, though. Contact us for advice on allergies and skin problems, or to get our easy-to-read fact sheets. And get your starter pack now to test our claims for yourself.

Don’t let allergies stop you or your children from having pets. Take control of the problem now!

The Bio-Life solution. Not to be sneezed at

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Bio-Life PetalCleanse™ Cat anti-allergen solution Bio-Life HomeCleanse™ anti-allergen fabric and furniture spray. Bio-Life holiday allergen and insect repellent pack
Our Price: £8.95 Inc VAT
Bio-Life PetalCleanse™ Cat
Our Price: £10.20 Inc VAT
Bio-Life HomeCleanse™
Our Price: £12.20 Inc VAT
Holiday Pack
Our Price: £14.95 Inc VAT